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Due to COVID 19 there might be disruptions in availability of product and delay in product delivery. Kindly email us at to check availability of stock before placing order. 

Sorry for the inconvenience. 

***All our walkers and sitters are double vaccinated and boostered. For the well-being of our walkers and sitters, we will only serve pets belonging to household in which members are fully vaccinated. 

Thank you for your kind understanding!

Services offered... 

Dog Walking

Your dog will have a relaxed walk for 60 mins so that when you return home you are greeted by a calm happy pet.

Pet Sitting
We will provide company to your
fur kid including dogs cats, bunnies, hamsters, birds, fishes and chickens to name a few when you have errands to
run !


Everyday of the week including weekends. 9 am to 9 pm.

Products available...

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