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About the Founder


I am Susan C, an avid animal lover! Completed bachelor's in science - Zoology (Hons) and MBA -both

with distinctions and worked as an Assistant Manager at an MNC, but soon realized I need to be close

to my furry friends so took a big leap of faith, quit my job and went ahead to join an animal NGO as

PR and it was one of the best decisions of my life! While working at the NGO I had the opportunity to

come in contact with many amazing dogs, adorable cats, beautiful birds, little monkeys, graceful snakes

and a very gentle elephant.


Volunteered at SPCA, Singapore to have an in-depth understanding of animal welfare in Singapore. 

Also gained experience as an Assistant Canine Hydrotherapist and underwent Canine First Responder



Realized that here, in Singapore there is gap in pet care service of looking after the pets when the human parents attend to the daily chores of life. Wanted to bridge the gap and thus keeping this in mind came up with the idea of Pets Orbit. Launched the online store which offers branded, quality-assured and at the same time affordable pet products, so that now you can provide the best pet care to your loyal companions!


On behalf of Pets Orbit have been interviewed twice on "Pet Project" on Singapore FM 938 Live. Also had the opportunity to assist students with their research project on "Awareness of Abandon dogs and for owners to be responsible for their own pets". Besides have aided an animal NGO in successfully drafting their funding project from Dog Trust International.

Recently we made it to Startup-O's Top 5 at SheVentures event created by Zee Tv Asia Pacific. 

Susan C| Founder | Pets Orbit
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