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Dream Job- by Tasharani Palani

I've always loved dogs, and working with Pets Orbit turned out to be like a dream. During my time with the company's extremely dedicated founder and manager, Susan, I had the chance to take care of some lovely dogs, bring them out to have a good time, and slowly have them grow to love me over time! Coco, a very loving and excitable little dog, has been my favorite so far! Coming in everyday to see her was a joy.

Tasha, a walker at Pets Orbit LLP Singapore describes why being a pet care specialist is her dream job.
Tasha ,with her fav Coco !

Being with Pets Orbit has also taught me to always prioritize safety and comfort of the animals. Making sure to take them out consistently at specific times helped ensure a steady schedule for the dogs, creating a sense of stability and consistency for them, important in helping them feel more comfortable!

Honestly, it has been truly rewarding to take care of animals and to build relationships with them, and it has actually inspired me to pursue a future career with animals. As such, I'm grateful for my time with Pets Orbit, and especially in awe of the progress the company is making.

Wishing all the best to Pets Orbit and their furry clients!

Tasharani Palani

NUS Science Year 2 Undergraduate

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Jul 25, 2018

Beautiful write up !

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