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First Job At Pets Orbit- Looking After Bernie By SuiMin

My first job with Pets Orbit was to take care of Bernie. I have never met a dog as gentle as Bernie. He was really tame and epitome of a gentle giant.

I remember an incident when a neighbor's dog kept barking and tried instigating Bernie when we came back from a walk, but Bernie remained calm and did not let it bother him.

Bernie dons his rain jacket!

When it used to rain , I would don Bernie in his rain jacket and bring him out for a walk, he never failed to get compliments for how he looked in his jacket.

Walking Bernie became an activity that I looked forward to everyday. It was really therapeutic looking after Bernie and playing fetch with him.

I truly thank Pets Orbit for giving me the opportunity to do something I enjoy while interacting with all kinds of adorable pets!

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1 Comment

Jul 25, 2018

Bernie looks so sweet! Nice story.

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