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Life as a Pet Walker/Sitter at Pets Orbit -By An Er

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

People around me often look astonished when I tell them I am a dog walker. To be honest, every one of them thinks that it's an easy job. It might not be as easy as they think, but still a very fun job eventually!

The loving pet Coco !
Coco- An Er's Love

Every key entrusted to me is my responsibility to keep them and dog safe during walks. I must have the integrity to not take anything that doesn’t belong to me and show up punctually every walking session without supervision. Each and every pet I met so far at Pets Orbit holds a very special place in my heart. I would say all of them are unique and will never be able to forget any one of them. Each of them has their unique characters, some cries when I'm about to leave, some are very stubborn during walks, then there are those that loves scratches and cuddles. There is also this experience with a cat that changed my impression of kitties (I am always a little cautious with cats). I’m always greeted warmly at the door without fail each time I arrived, yes! even the cat was at the door when I arrived! Even times that I feel sad or not feeling so well, I would always feel better after a walking session with them.

If you ask me what I've gained throughout this pet walking experience, I would say it's learning and realizing so much more about pet’s thinking, especially favorable to being a pet owner myself. These sessions made me realized how we are the world to them. I find my job very meaningful because I am there make their long wait for their owners a little happy.

Li'l Coco - Peek A Boo :)

Lastly, the most understanding and sweet person I met at Pets Orbit was none other than Susan. I am truly honored to work with someone as amazing as her, she has inspired me the most in this journey with Pets Orbit.

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25. Juli 2018

Heart touching <3

Gefällt mir
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