Pet Walker and Sitter - the job that gives me precious memories to hold on for life !- By Tze Zhen

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Dog walking may not be an easy task, but the payback is definitely worth every minute of it.

Tze's little pet - Luna

Every dog I have taken care of left me with precious memories. Each one of them has different personalities and characteristics that make them unique. That is why each experience I have with them is so special and unforgettable.

My favorite memory that I have with the dogs are the greetings I received at the door, complete with wide smiley faces, vigorous tail wagging and spontaneous kisses.

Even though it has only been a few months since I have started dog walking, I felt that I have learnt a lot. I learnt to use different techniques and strategies to manage various obstacles while dog walking. It has helped to me gain more confidence in being a pet walker and sitter. I am thankful to the dogs and owners for being so patient with me, not forgetting the support and advises that Susan as given me throughout.

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