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Product Code [AIK007BS]

Since the beginning, the cat is a hunter. This cat tube feeder, also known as the Stimulo cat interactive feeder helps cats rediscover their True Nature. It is designed to help cats maintain a healthy activity level with its many openings where you can spread and hide the food. Your cat will be able to explore its instinct and search for food.

The stimulo has 9 different openings that are adjustable with different tube lengths. This procures a natural game for cats like searching for a mouse in it’s hole. This is also perfect to reduce cats vomiting problems by reducing speed of ingestion.

• High quality human food grade plastic
• Up to 1.5 cups of food
• Promotes weight loss and better digestion
• Replicate how they eat in nature
• 3 stages of difficulty
• Best in Show at Global Pet Expo 2012

Aikiou Stimulo Interactive Feeder

S$38.41 Regular Price
S$35.90Sale Price
  • Size: 750ml
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