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Product code: [DRR0317]

Intensive Hair Care Enchance nutritious diet with addition of hair care. Nurture stornger and beautiful coat day by day. Dr.Bunny nutrition team concerns about your rabbit's hair and skin health. We aim to comprehensively solve problems such a weak anda fragile. dull and fade, dry and matte coat, etc. by developing nutrition solutions to improve fundamental physique. Pronutri Hair & Skin Formula for Adult Rabbits consists of essensial trace elements and organic protein which contribute to the formation of critical amino acids for healtier and stronger hair, while rejuvenating hair follicles to boost stronger and volume hair growth. Lecithin in this formula can effectively repair damaged cells to preserve shine and sleek hair. Skin-nourishing Omega 3 & 6 , found in flaxseed, can control water loss, soften and smoothen hair. With this profesional hair and skin formula, you can always keep your beloved rabbit's coat healty and shiny!

Dr Bunny Pronutri Adult Rabbit: Hair and Skin Formula

S$60.00 Regular Price
S$56.00Sale Price
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