Imperial Care SILVER IONS is an ultra compact clumping cat litter treated with a unique antimicrobial agent that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.
The active Silver Ions in Imperial Care attack the bacteria responsible for bad odours in the used cat litter and prevent their growth providing optimum and safe odour control.
Imperial Care Silver Ions utilizes the long known bactericidal properties of silver to offer cats and their owners a much more hygienic environment.

ImperialCare:Antimicrobial Silver Ions CatLitter6L

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  • Natural product
    Premium clumping cat litter ultra compact
    Forms strong clump
    Fast clumping
    New revolutionary formula with antimicrobial SILVER IONS
    Inhibits odour-causing bacteria growth
    Prevents bad odours
    Unique absorption capacity
    Low Dust
    Less Tracking

    Ingredients: Saponite
    6L Box