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Medium Purple [TRI0002]
Medium Yellow [TRI0003]

Large Blue [TRI0004]
Large Purple [TRI0005]
Large Yellow [TRI0006]

With a roll and a bounce, what makes your dog pounce? The Fantastic DuraFoam Balls are made of a durable soft foam that is fun to bounce, catch, and they even floats in water!

Made of a patented soft foam and is extremely durable. It also bounces and floats in water. Safe in your dog's mouth and perfect for puppies!

Medium 2.5" diameter
Large 3.5" diameter
Available in Blue, Yellow and Purple

Starmark- Fantastic DuraFoam Ball (M, L)

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Starmark DuraFoam Ball
Starmark DuraFoam Ball
  • Soft Durable Foam