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Product Code S [STO0002]
Product Code M [STO0003]
Product Code L [STO0004]

- Patented Protective Pet Collar
- Ventilated Collar
- Contoured Neck Design
- Velcro Straps & Buckles
- Safety Reflectors
- Hook for Leash
- Soft, Durable Materials
- Machine Washable
- Calmer, Healthier Pets!

Stop Bite Collar ( S, M, L)

S$144.34 Regular Price
S$69.90Sale Price
  • Why would I use Stopbite and not the E collar?
    Stopbite allows your pet to not only have peripheral vision but also allows them to eat, sleep, play and smell whereas the e-collar restricts them from doing all of these.

    When putting the collar on my pet, how tight should I make it?
    DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE COLLAR. Tighten the collar so that it allows approximately one finger width of space between your pet's neck and the collar. Do not choke your pet. Remember to always check with your Veterinarian before you use the collar.
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