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Our classic for optimum primary care: Vital menu is the perfect for a healthy diet of domestic rabbits. The food prepared by the sugar-free recipe with tasty seeds, grains and vegetables is specifically geared to the needs of the animals and contains a vital complex, which provides the animals with an extra boost of vitality. A healthy amount of fiber also promotes a longer chewing time and helps your rabbit with their teeth.

With Vital Complex: Essential vitamins and minerals prevent deficiency symptoms and provide an extra boost of vitality .

With anti-odor complex: A special combination of active ingredients reduces unpleasant odors in the rabbit home clearly.

Mixture with selected seeds, pellets and extrudates.

Contains vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Sugar-free Recipe.

Free from artificial flavorings.

No artificial preservatives. 


Country of origin- Germany


Vitakraft Menu -Rabbit 3 kg

S$24.00 Regular Price
S$22.00Sale Price
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