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Making a Difference in the Life of a Pet- By Saranya

I had such a wonderful time with Pets Orbit! Even though my time with them was short, every moment of it was a joy, particularly working with my furry clients! Susan was patient and wonderful to work with from day one, showing me the ropes and helping me at any instance of uncertainty. Every new job can be daunting at first, and even with my love for dogs, it was certainly not easy at first to get used to my new friends, but with the help of Susan and the trust of my clients, soon we were having a ball every day!

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Oreo , happy doing what he likes - sniffing the suspicious hedge !

Working with Pets Orbit introduced me to a new form of responsibility, one with much more trust involved as not only was I entrusted with the care and happiness of someone’s best (furry) friend, but there were also logistical duties I had to take care of, like holding on to the keys of owners’ homes, following any additional instructions they had for their pets, and making sure that I was on time and ready to go the extra mile to take care of their animals. The two dogs I worked with, Oreo and Asher, had very different temperaments as well so I had to learn which methods were more effective for each of them, and give them the right kind of attention and love.

It might not seem like much, but to a dog that stays at home all day waiting for their parents to return, or to a busy owner unable to come home to their pet at a regular time, having a person to shower that pet with attention and care makes all the difference to the life of an animal. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to work with Pets Orbit, and being a part of the great work they do providing a safe pet environment for both animals and owners to enjoy!

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